Monday, October 03, 2005

Affordable Web Hosting

Cheap web hosting, website hosting company

The term "website hosting" or "web hosting" means the storage, retrieval and technical maintenance of web pages. "Web hosting" or "affordable web hosting" is hosting in the public domain, making content available to all web viewers. As any other service it could be cheap and affordable or it could be expensive. But this doesn’t mean at all cheap web hosting and affordable website hosting is non-reliable with poor customer service and technical support and services. Actually, cheap web hosting and affordable web hosting is such kind of services when you know what you’re paying for.

The quality of various web hosting, website hosting service or services, in spite of they're either cheap and affordable or expensive, differs in many ways. Free web site hosting is not the right choice for any commercial or business related web site, because you might end up with less web space and poor bandwith speeds. A domain name and paid, but cheap and affordable web hosting, web site hosting is a must for any serious website starting on the internet. There are a lot of web hosting service and services on the Internet, but if you want to have real speed, and web space with fast and affordable and cheap web hosting services with 24/7 online tech support than your choice should be clearly well thought out!

Web Hosting

Web hosting, website hosting service is when you rent space from a website hosting company. This space is generally used to store all files in the form of images, html files and all other file formats related to your website. These files include html, javascript, gif, jpg, png, audio or video files, etc.

The web hosting bandwidth and space will be set in advance. A web hosting, website hosting service company will normally give you a limited amount of web space. You will also receive a certain amount of bandwidth, usually measured in GB, which accounts for how many times all your files are served to visitors. For instance, someone downloading a 1MB ebook will count for 1MB of bandwidth.

They will also generally provide you with support for your hosting account and ensure uptime. Often, more expensive hosting accounts have better support, such as telephone support (as opposed to strictly online or email support) with 24 hour support available.